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Tekpower TP9923B 4 1/2 Digits High Accuracy Multimeter with Display 19999

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Tekpower 4 1/2 Digits High Accuracy Multimeter gives you much higher accuracy and resolution than other 3 1/2 digits meters. If you need a higher resolution and resolution, this is the meter you need, it gives a reading as 19999, the other meters can only give you 1999 digits, a higher DAC gives you much better measurements. 

DC Voltage: 200mV-20V-20V-200V-1000V Accuracy : +- (0.05%+5) 
AC Voltage: <br /> 200mV (1.2%+10)-20V-20V-200V(0.8%+10)-700V Accuracy : +- (1.2%+5) 
DC Current: <br /> 20mA (10uA, 0.58%+5)-200mA(100uA,0.75%+5)-10A(10mA, 2%+10) 
AC Current: 20mA(10uA, 0.8%+5)-200mA(100uA+1.5%+10)-10A(10mA, 2%+10) 
Resistance: 200-2K-200K-2M-20MK Ohms 
Capacitance: 20nF-200nF-2uF-200uF 
Frequency: 200Khz
Diode and Continuity
Triode hFE Test 

1X TP9223B Multimeter 
1X Test adapter
1X User Manual 
1X Test Leads