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About MultimeterWareHouse

MultimeterWarehouse was originated from Shenzhen, China, a city of Electronics, funded by an entrepreneur who started the digital multimeter business in 1980''s in that young city. In 1990''s we started online sales as the first multimeter online store , the only one that shew on …. We are proud of being online before anyone in the world.

Now, we improved our website and started a real online business with the customer service and provide the high quality equipments.

We make the quality products and provide the best customer experience!

Our goal is to make our equipment accurate, and our service precision, ultimately to make friends all over the world with happier faces !

Our production lines include:
1. Digital Multimeter
2. Analog Multimeter
3. Clamp On Meter
4. Intelligent Meters
5. Special Meters
6. Power Supply
7. Electronic Loads
8. Testers

We try to make a one stop test equipment online store in the next few years , our brands will bring you the best  quality and customer experience. Tekpower and Sinometer.

Thank you for visiting us, shopping a perfect tool is important for you as we know, but here is the place!