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Tekpower TP8250 Analog Multimeter with NULL Middle Position 0

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The newly introduced Tekpower Null Multimeter TP8250 is fully featured and can be used to measure AC/DC voltage and DC current, resistance, as well as continuity buzzer. It also has a built-in 1.5V and 9V battery tester with a 100mA/10mA load respectively. One thing unique about this meter is it comes with two Null Measurement position, so you can read variable DCV change with the movement of the needle. 

DC Voltage: 0~1m/2.5/10/50/250/500V Pointer: ±3%,
AC Voltage: 0~25/250/500V Pointer: ±4%,
DC Current: 0/50uA/5mA/500mA Pointer: ±3% 200mA % Pointer: ±3%,
Resistance: 0~10/1K/100K Ohms Pointer: Pointer: ±3%,
Continuity Buzzer: 0~30Ohms Sound,
Battery tester: 1.5V and 9V

Accessories include Test leads, 1.5V battery (installed),
Built-in Protective holster and User Manual