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Tekpower TP1501D Adjustable DC Power Supply 15V @ 1A with USB port 5.2V

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Tekpower TP1501D, is a special made power supply for the Cellphone repair and other applications.
It is a perfect tool to provide the Voltage from 0 to 15V and the current can be adaptive to 1A depends the load. The USB output from the front and back to give the convenience to repair the devices like cellphone and other electronic gadgets.
This Power Supply has a output protection on the Current, it will stop output when the current is over loaded. The stability of the power supply is very high.
The Dual Display, Analog for the current and Digital for the Voltage is easy to control the power supply .
1. Input Voltage: AC 110V, 60Hz
2. Output Voltage: 0-15V DC
3. Output Current: 0 -1 A DC
4. Load Regulation: CV<150mV
5. Ripple: <3mV
6. Voltage Display Accuracy: +- 0.5% +2 Digits
7. Ammeter Display Accuracy: 2 small latices
8. Working Temperature: 0 C - 40 C 9. Size: 161 X 154X 105 mm 10. Fuse: 0.5A (AC)