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Tekpower M920 AC Line Splitter Wire Separator for Clamp Meter Measurement

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This AC Line Splitter provides a fast and easy way to “Split” standard 120V/240V AC electrical lines, eliminating the need to cut off the plug and separate the conductors. 
When you test a device, use this splitter to separates the hot/live conductor from the neutral and ground, which enables users to measure AC current – up to 15 amps on a two-wire or three-wire lines — using a clamp meter. 
This splitter provides two openings — one opening provides one-to-one current measurements, and the other provides times-ten (X10) readings so that low-current readings will display with higher resolution on a clamp meter. 
This splitter also provides two Voltage Test Jacks so that voltage can be measured with another multimeter while you are reading the current on the same line.