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TekPower TP6252A Digital Anemometer Wind Speed Air Velocity Meter Air Flow Meter MS6252A HYELEC 6252A

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The TekPower TP6252A is a professional Digital Anemometer for testing Air-Velocity/Flow. Ideal instrument for windsurfing, sailing, fishing, kite flying and mountaineering. It can also be used for industrial and home purpose such as measuring wind speed of CPU computer fans, air conditioners, air blowers, etc.

m/s(meter per second):0.40~30.0
ft/m(feet per minute):80~5900
km/h(kilometer per hour):1.4~108.0
mile/h(mile per hour):0.9~67.0
Knots(nautical miles per hour):0.8~58.0
CFM:0 to 99990
CMM :0 to 99990
CMS :0 to 9999
Flow area setting
MAX/MIN function
Auto power off
Low battery Display

TP6252A Anemoneter
Carrying case
9V Battery
User manual