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TM58B  Ear thermometer for body temperature measurement, instance  reading(1-2 seconds), safe and easy to use. Accurate to 0.2 0C, beautiful design and easy to use.

Retailed Price: $69.95

$24.99 --  On Sale

MS6500  Professional Thermal Meter used for extreme temperature.. 0C,0F, Convertible, comes with a K-Type Probe
Retailed Price: $99.95
$29.99 --  On Sale

MS8209 5 in 1 Meter, New !! Super Meter !

Thermometer, Lux Meter, Sound Level Meter and Humidity Meter and Multimeter


$99.95 Promotional price

VA6410 A remote thermometer with fix emission rate.

$49.95, New !

KT-300 Thermometer with test probe



DT8380 Sinometer Brand Thermometer: Non contact infrared D:S ratio 8:1, with laser pointer aiming, temperature range:-20C - 380 C (-4 F - 716 F), response time <1 second, emissivity:0.95 fixed, Low Cost.



MS6530 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer, super D:S ratio up to 12:1 at low price !

Temperature Range: 20C (68F) -537C(999F)



MS6530A Non Contact Infrared Thermometer, super D;S ratio up to 12:1 at low price !

Temperature Range: -20C (-4F) /  850C(1,562F)



MS6530B Non Contact Infrared Thermometer, super D;S ratio up to 12:1 at low price !

Temperature Range: -20C (-4F) / 350C(662F)




In and Out Thermometer for refrigerator, frozen truck and labs


  MS6503 Professional Humidity and Temperature Meter with Computer interface Data logger for Humidity and Temperature measurement,  New !!


To understand what a Non Contact Thermometer means and how it works, please click here to learn.

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