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52NS  Electrical Tester Simple wire finder.

Retailed Price: $
$0.99 --  On Sale

MV400 Heavy duty Voltage Tester



Battery Tester

Good for AA/AAA/C/D(1.5V)

and 9V batteries


Digital Battery Tester BT20D

A all- Battery tester that fits for all types of batteries, Small size and accurate.


MV-2 Car Battery and Alternator Checker


MV-3  AC/DC Voltage Tester 5V - 400V


MV-4 AC/DC Voltage Checker 12V- 600V


MS8900 None contact AC tester with a LED light. Check AC line and broken point.

Retailed Price:$12.90

On sale Price: $4.95

MS6810 Network Cable Tester for RJ45 and NBC cables! High quality and new !


MS6811 Network Cable Tester for Ethernet cables.


M8902A A Non Contact Tester probe with an adjustable sensitivity and sound beep. It is design for easy use and reliable.

$24.95, New and Unique !

M8902B A Non Contact Tester probe with an adjustable sensitivity and sound beep. It is design for easy use and reliable.

$24.95, New and Unique !

PM1700 Phase Tester

3 Phase Tester for AC



Tone Generator Cable and Wire Tracer for telephone & More


New !


DCY25  Magic Inductance circuit Tester

No battery needed and none contact tester, very special to find out broken point from wire, tells which one is hot wire.
Retailed Price: $10.00
$5.99 --  On Sale

M3211D Auto Ranging Pen Type Digital Tester

Retail Listed: $29.99


MS5710 Phase Sequence Tester for 3 Phase power wires.



BT300 Car battery tester

A professional car batteries tester.


VA16 A Tester for RJ45 and RJ11 cables, Multimeter too, special and good price.


DM1006S  Analog type Electronic Insulation Tester, direct and easy to use.
Retailed Price: $69.00
$34.90 --  On Sale

MS5201 Digital Insulation Tester with carrying case.  Professional version

Retail listed: $369.00

Sale price : $249.95

SM4380  Compact Digital Engine Analyzer
Retailed Price: $59.00
$29.95 --  On Sale
MS8222H Professional Multimeter with L/C and thermometer.


VC6243  Professional Digital Capacitor and Inductance Meter, L/C Meter
Retailed Price: $89.90

$49.90 --  On Sale

SM8301A  LCR Meter for High accuracy measurement.

Listed Price: $199.99

Special price : $95.95

AM4202 Wind speed meter, high accuracy and good design.

Sale Price:$119.95

SM8280 Professional L C R Bridge to check capacitance, inductance and resistance

Listed price: $259.95

Our sale price: $179.95

MS8229 5 in 1 Multimeter with Lux Meter, Sound Level  Meter, Thermometer, Humidity Meter and Multimeter.


JT60 Intelligent Electronic Measuring Tape with many features

$159.95  New !!

VA19 A new 5 in 1 Multimeter with all features of 5 meter. Sound Level Meter, Humidity Meter, Thermometer, Lux Meter...


MS6503 Humidity Meter, Temperature Meter

with computer interface RS232

Listed Price:$399.95

Our sale Price: $249.95

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