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DT6235B Contact/Surface Tachometer, digital

5 digits LCD reads RPM, Meter/Min, Feet/Min with memory Max/Min and last number.

5- 19,999 RPM

Retailed Price: $139.00

Price: $79.95    Sale

DT6234B Photo Type  Tachometer ,Digital

 Microcomputer and advanced semiconductor technology used to make accurate measurement of RPM, Total counts, and memory recall with high resolution and great design.

Retailed Price: $159.99

Price: $89.95  On sale

DT2235B   Contact/Surface Tachometer ,Max/Min memory  digital  5 digits LCD readout gives accurate RPM, 

Retailed Price: $159.99

Price :$89.95 On Sale

DT2234C Laser Tachometer, Digital

None contact laser RPM measurement give accurate readout, auto zero adjustment, 4digits from 5- 99,999 RPM. with great design.

Retailed Price $179.00

Price :$99.95  On sale

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