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Please click on each category and  and find out the special meters you are searching for:

1. Digital Lux Meter

2. Intelligent Power Meter

3. Automotive Meter

4. Wood Moisture Checker

5. Function generator

6. Battery Tester

7. Sound Level Meter

8. Distance Measuring Kit

9. Frequency Counter

10. Multi-function Calibrator

11. Earth Resistance Meter

12. Calibrators

13.Insulation Tester

14.L.C.R Meters




18.Kits for School

19.Programmable Electronic Load


21.Power Supply

22.Electronic Load

23.Other Tools

24. Solder Iron Station


This model combines the following features into one:


Lux Meter


Humidity Meter

Air Flow Meter

You can not expect one meter to do so many things, but this meter will do all for you, Do not expect high accuracy for each functionality, but they work very well on all functions, a Must See Meter !


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A Cable Tester or  Line Tester

TL01,  $29.95

A Cable/Line Tester, It tests the broken (open) point in a line, and test the short point in the line. A perfect tester for the telephone line problem, internet cable problems. It also measures AC & DC voltage as well as the resistance.  



Tone Generator Cable and Wire Tracer for telephone & More


New !


MS5710 Phase Sequence Detector


MS6810 Network Cable Tester for RJ45 and NBC cables! High quality and new !



MS6811 Network Cable Tester for Ethernet cables.


MS5900 Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator

New item ! $49.95

VA6450   Distance Tape for Easy measurement


MS6013A  Capacitance Meter for professionals. 200pF - 20MF.



CM200 Capacitor Meter For Professional

200pF - 200mF



MS8910  Tweezers Multimeter

The Tweezers    are pretty cool tools for anyone doing SMD components.

$49.95 (Discontinued)

VA503  A special Digital Meter designed for SMT components, very smart design that you will love to use it.

$54.95 (Discontinued)

VA6410  An Infrared Remote Thermometer at low cost.


SSP8030  3 Phase Tester

Check phase, open/reverse/correct



DM2G For moisture test of wood, cotton, fiber, bamboo,  paper, tobacco, etc, sensitive and easy to use.
Retailed Price: No where...
$59.95 --  On Sale

MS6450 Ultrasonic Tape measure with calculation features.


 MS6610 Digital Lux Meter measures from 0 to 50,000 Lux with great accuracy, auto zero adjustment..

Retailed Price: $129.95

Our price: $59.99 sale


FX101 Economic Lux Meter with carrying case and high sensitivity.



Intelligent Power Meter
True RMS display of active current, 4 digits display 9999, gives you Watts readout in seconds
Retailed Price: $499.99
$399.99 -- On Sale


SG-1639 Function Generator/ Counter

0.03 Hz to 3 M Hz Function generator

AM4822 Anemometer, Wind Speed reader, digital display with data hold
Retailed Price:
$119.95 --  On Sale

MS6100 Multi-function Digital Frequency Counter, Frequency Measurement and Period Measurement. Channel A:10/100Mhz; Channel B:100Mhz to 1.3 GHz, high accuracy 8 LED display and Total Measurement.

$149.95- On sale (List price $199.95) New !!

VC1002 Function Generator

6 digits display, Sice, Square, Triangle, indented & regulated waves. Built-in frequency counter, DC level and duty cycle adjustable.

Retail price: $299.95



VC2002 Function Generator

8 digits display with annuciators, show frequency and voltage simultaneously

Retail price: 299.95


VC2000 Frequency counter up to 2.4 Ghz

8 Digits green LED display, two channels, range and gate time adjustable, 10Hz up to 2.4GHz, crystal measurement 3.5MHz up to 16MHz, high sensitivity with very stable display.
$189.99 --  On Sale ( Listed price $299.99)


DM1006  Insulation tester, Analog

Up to 2000 M Ohm , comes with 4 AA batteries and test probes. Great value.

Retailed Price:$79.95

Price: $34.95

SL5818  Sound Level Meter, digital

SL, LN and LEG methods switchable; 4 digits display with out standing features.
Retailed Price:
$189.95 --  On Sale


SL402 Sound Level Meter, digital

4 digits display and Alarm dB preset with outstanding performance.

Retailed Price: $250.00



Battery Tester AA/AAA/9V 

Easy to use, for all types of the batteries


BT300  A car battery checker, professional model


DT6234B Laser  Tachometer

 Microcomputer and advanced semiconductor technology used to make accurate measurement of RPM, high resolution and great design.

Retailed Price: $159.99

Price: $89.95  On sale

DT6235B Touch Tachometer, digital

5 digits LCD reads RPM, Meter/Min, Feet/Min with memory Max/Min and last number. Auto zero adjustment.

5- 19,999 RPM

Retailed Price: $139.00

Price: $79.95    Sale

DT2235B   Touch Tachometer ,digital

5 digits LCD readout gives accurate RPM, 

Retailed Price: $159.99

Price :$89.95


DT2234C Laser Tachometer, Digital

None contact laser RPM measurement give accurate readout, auto zero adjustment, 4digits from 5- 99,999 RPM. with great design.


Retailed Price $179.00

Price :$99.95  On sale


HP9810 Automotive Tester with Voltage and Current measurement.


SM8301A  LCR Meter for High accuracy measurement. Professional version.

Retailed price: $199.99

Price :$95.95


VA19 Special 5 in 1 meter with patented design. Lux meter, Sound Level meter, thermometer, humidity meter, and multimeter.

$99.95 New !

LC Meter LC9243 The professional Meter for H and C measurement, C: 20pf - 200 uF;-2mF - 20mF L: 200uH - 200mH-200H.


MS8209 5 in 1 Meter: Lux Meter, Sound Level Meter, Thermometer, Humidity Meter and regular Multimeter built in to one Unit, Amazing meter ever made. Listed Price $159.95

$79.95      New !!

SM8280 Professional L C R Bridge to check capacitance, inductance and resistance with D parameter.

Listed price: $259.95

Our sale price: $179.95


SM4380 Digital automotive engine Analyzer


BR2822  Professional LCR Mete. BR2822 is a micro-processor controlled handheld LCR meter with high accuracy & resolution & low power consumption


VA16 A Tester for RJ45 and RJ11 cables, Multimeter too, special and good price.


VC6243  Professional Digital Capacitor and Inductance Meter
Retailed Price: $89.90
$49.90 --  On Sale


MS6503 Humidity Meter, Temperature Meter With RS232 computer interface

Listed Price:$399.95

Our sale Price: $249.95

VC6243+ A new 20-range LCR meter measures inductance up to 20H & Capacitance up to 1mF



JT60 Intelligent Multi-Measure Combo Pro - Long Range Indoor/Outdoor Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Tool

$159.95   New !! Listed for $199.99

MS6530 Non Contact Thermometer with wide temperature range and D:S 12:1




MS7212 Multi-function Process calibrator. Multimeter + Signal source output, a high accuracy calibrator with computer interface.

$899.95   New !!

Oscilloscope CQ5010  10 MHz Single Channel Oscilloscope with light weight and stable display. Low cost !



TP936D Solder Iron Station with Digital Temperature control. High quality and precision control


Electronic Load Programmable Electronic Load with high accuracy and precision.
Calibrator VA700, Current and Voltage

See details in the link, a high quality calibrator.


YB33150  Function/Arbitrary waveform generator

Our most intelligent instrument that combined state of art technology of computer, communication and test equipment. Any wave forms can be designed from a PC or Mac and transmitted to this generator, the signal will be produced as you designed.
Retailed Price: $2599.99
$1,359.99 --  On Sale


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