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07/29/1997  Kaito On Line Multimeter Store Grand Opening.
10/20/1998  We start online payment processing.
06/20/1999 We concentrate on DMMs sales.
6/25/2000 Our latest DMM series come up to the market just now.  It is VC series. The VC8907 is a 4 1/2 digits , which means a high accuracy on all scales.
6/27/2000 Our VC890 series is built in a strong case and holster, remember that is a low cost one with great features.
6/28/2000 The bench top meters will come up soon. It is computer compatible. You are not buying a DMM, you are buying  an oscilloscope too.

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VC9808 is the very hot Multimeter model with full features.
MAS830L is the best sold low cost model which will replace the model DT830B.
DT830B is a very old meter that was created by Kaito Electronics 10 years ago. But the best seller too.
M9912 Clamp meter measures both AC/DC current.
MAS345/344 These Computerized meters are low cost and high quality. They can be used as a simple oscilloscope with a PC software, records a period of time's values, gives you chance to analyze what happens in the circuitry. You may adjust sampling cycle by input from 1 second to unlimited. You can down load software from this site on the service page.

04/14/2001 M8202A is a very cute Auto Ranging Multimeter with full features, little DMM with Flash Light, easy to use in one hand. The probes are hide in the back of the meter.
05/20/2001 MS8200D & MS8200G meters are of the most special design in the history of meter industry. It has a mechanical gadget built in to automatically select the sockets that test probes should go. I bet that they are wonderful meters you have ever seen.
07/04/2001 Our new power meter will be released next month.
09/11/2001 This date is memorized by our marketing team, not only because of NY tragedy, our new Power Meter M9911 makes her debut in north America market. Please click to see her face.
09/25/2001 We set up our Tech Center to support our clients


We set up a Testimony Book for our valuable customers to leave their praise and complains  there , to share with all people visiting us!
 05/28/2002 Our new web site is launched today with 5 more categories and over 20 different items added, these are very unique and hard to find items.
07/12/2002 Special meters section was set up. You can find out many unique and hard to find instrument in this section, such as Tachometer, Lux Meter, earth tester..
09/10/2002 A new meter is added to the shop, an amazing meter , 5 in 1 meter, this is good for many people who needs more than one meter in their work. This meter is MS8209 .
12/02/2002 A professional Temperature and Humidity Meter, MS6503, with computer interface, a great value...
01/01/203 Happy New Year to all our freinds all over the world! To thank you for your support, we have a New Lux meter, only $19.95 ,FX101, a good one with lowest price for ever. Please check it out: FX101.
01/20/2005 See the small size AC/DC clamp-on meter, Model MS2102, a super one can do both AC and DC, it is low cost too. Please try it out.
02/04/2005 So many people are looking for a clamp-on meter, small not only in size, but in current too. Here it is, our new Clamp meter MS2002 is a very realistic one that handy and can measure down to 0.2A AC with clamp. Consider the price and features, no one can beat .
01/20/2005 In the year of 2005, Mastech( Kaito USA) will have over 20 new meters available for the market, for example, the first high accuracy Multi-function Calibrator MS7212 is one of the best.

 Last update: 01/20/2005

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