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M890G Multimeter M890G Professional DMM with all Features
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US $  34.95 Special Offer
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$49.90 Suggest Retail Price
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Save up: ------- 40.00% , Now !
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Accessories Included: Test leads, battery and manual
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Brief Specifications:

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DC A: 2mA-20mA-200mA-20A±1.2%
AC A:20mA-200mA-20A(40-400Hz)±3.0%

Capacitance:2000nF-20nF-200nF-2uF-20uF ±2.0%
Temp:-50°C---- + 1000 °C±5.0%  Resolution 1 °C

Frequency: 20Khz  Resolution: 10Hz
Audible continuity
batt:1.5Vx1 AA

The full feature DMM with large display and high accuracy, low cost for ever.

The meter is very stable, no change after many years of use

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Size: (inches) 3.10X7.50X2.00
Weight: (Lbs) 0.75

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Download Product Instruction PDF Document from here

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Application Software Download from here

Application Software

Buy extra test leads

60W solder iron UL listed
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M890G Full Feature  DMM 1+@34.95 each 5+@29.95 each

Securitys Certificated
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