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Welcome to Multimeter Online Store ®

Here you will find the most unique selection of high quality meters brought to you by factory folks at prices that no one can beat! Please click on the photo or description that best represents the type of Multimeter you are looking for, especially on Special Multimeters...

For Meters on sale this Month, click here to see our HOT Meters.  We are direct from factory, please call for wholesale price...1-866 KAITO 76.

If you compare with any other websites, this website is the easiest one to buy meters. Click on the underlined titles, you will see details on each category .

Brands:  Mastech & Sinometer & Victor

PC based Multimeter:
Intelligent multimeter with PC software to record and monitor testing results.
A low cost "Oscilloscope"

Digital Multimeters(DMM):
Full rang from low cost to high-end auto-calibrated Multimeter with AC/DC Voltage, Current, Ohms, Capacitor, Frequency, Inductance Temperature, etc.

Analog Multimeter:
A traditional way to find out what you want to know, high accuracy and easy reading pointer at every change, that is an analog multimeter you need.

Clamp On  Multimeters:
Multimeter with AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Ohms, Frequency, Temperature, etc from $25.99 to hundreds dollars.

Thermal & Humidity Multimeter
Professional thermometer and humidity meter with large Digital Display and RS232 interface; Indoor /Outdoor home thermometer, ºC/ºF 
Bench Top Multimeters

A bench top 4 1/2 digits true RMS digital multimeter (DMM) with RS232 to connect with PC and make a simple economic oscilloscope, excellent for college, school and university labs.

Intelligent Power Meter

A special multimeter that gives  all factors you need for an electrical measurement in a professional way. $399.00

Frequency Counter

High accuracy frequency counter up to 2.4G Hz with low price.


Special Instrument

You will find most unique meters here: Calibrator, Earth Resistance Tester, Wood Moisture Tester, Lux Meter, Automotive Tester, Function Generator, Insulation Tester, Tachometer, Electronic measuring tape,etc.

Regulated Variable precision DC Power Supply

We have both Digital LCD and analog display DC Power Meters. Stable and Low cost, at un-beatable prices. From 18V/3A fine tuning to 30V/20A switching power supplies.

Multimeter  Accessories:
Temperature probes, Oscilloscope probes, RS-232 cables, batteries, Multimeter Holster, Test Leads, and more...


Batteries & Chargers
Specially designed battery charger for AA/AA/9V batteries. For Ni-Cad and Ni-MH Batteries, 4-PCS of super high powered 1,800 mAh  batteries included. Only $14.99/Pack

All of our multimeter have a no-questions-asked 30 day money-back guarantee, warranties that last up to five years, and there are no minimum order quantities.  You can place an order 24 hours a day /7 days a week, and we offer low-rate,    same-day shipping (except weekends and holidays).

         Security: Our online store is secured by RSA Encrypted Technology,      

safe and fast

Call to order 1-866-KAITO76, Or Fax your order to  909-628 7999

Our factory Brand names: Mastech and Sinometer .

Last Update: 08/28/2011 .Best viewed with 800X600.

A Multimeter Online Store Since 1997

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