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Low Cost Meters ($5.95-$25.99)

Special Price for the New 2014 !

Mini Size DT830B Multimeter with special Price !


New !


DT830B  Handyman Digital Multimeter, Cost Effective
Retailed Price: $15.00
$9.99 --  On Sale

$7.99 ( Best Seller worldwide)

M810B Small DMM with 19 ranges, check Diodes and transistor, but so slim. 

Retailed Price:$14.99

$8.95 -- On Sale

B951  New Super Slim  Mini-size DMM
Retailed Price: $12.00
$9.50 --  On Sale

M300  "Pocket Size DMM,  One Hand Rotation"
Retailed Price: $15.99
$9.95 --  On Sale

MAS830B  A Mastech Handyman Digital Multimeter,a stronger DT830B,  Cost Low
Retailed Price: $17.00
$12.99 --  On Sale

$9.99 ( Special )

M838  Handyman Digital Multimeter With Temp. Checker
Retailed Price: $25.00
$15.99 --  On Sale



MS8230B Handyman Digital Multimeter,
Retailed Price: $25.00
 --  On Sale


M320  "Auto-Ranging DMM, One Hand Rotation, Buzz, super slim
Retailed Price: 9.00
$12.99 --  On Sale
MAS830L With back Light and Holster
Retailed Price: $19.99
$15.99 --  On Sale

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Highly recommended !

MS8216  Super thin Palm stylish DMM with Cap./Freq. V/AC/DC features
Retailed Price: $39.00
$19.95 --  On Sale

BM6401 Super thin card size DMM with auto ranging in all features.


DT9208AL  A full feature meter with Low cost DCV/ACV/Ohm/Capacitance/Frequency, transistor and continuity Back light and data hold


DT9205B The economic full size digital multimeter with  capacitance .

$19.95   NEW & LOW Cost !

MAS838  A full feature meter with Temperature DCV/ACV/Ohm/Temperature, transistor and continuity Back light and data hold


XB2010L A Full feature Multimeter with AC/DC test on both current and voltage


Middle Priced Meter ( $25.00- $49.99 )

MS8206 Handy DMM with Flash Light, test leads hid behind the meter, easy to carry and very nice design


MS8202A  Unique Pocket size Full-Feature  with a Flashlight 
Retailed Price: $39.00
$25.95 --  On Sale

UT30D UT30D Pocket-size Digital Multimeter with Square Wave Generator (50Hz)


UT39A UT39A, Multimeter with both AC and DC current, 10A for DC, 20A for AC current.


MS8221 Auto ranging DMM with backlight and battery tester


M3211D Pen Type DMM, Auto Ranging

With easy use


MS8211 Pen Type Multimeter with non-contact AC voltage sensor, and voltage measurement, both AC and DC.

New !!



MS8211D Pen Type Multimeter with Logic Test features and high quality...

New !!


MS8261 Full Size , Full feature Digital Multimeter with New Strong design , rubber holster and test leads. Capacitance and Diodes

$29.95    New!

  M9501 Adjustable LCD Display Digital Multimeter with High Resolution on Current measurement.


MS8213C Auto raging Multimeter with self protection socket, with temperature probe, for all school labs and home use.


M3900  General Purpose DMM with Back Stand, Pro. Features
Retailed Price: $
$29.95 --  On Sale

MS8213 Auto ranging Multimeter with self protection socket, great for students, high school and university labs.


VC97  4000 Counts Auto Ranging DMM Capacitance and Frequency

Retailed Price: $49.90
$29.99 --  On Sale

MS8260A  A full feature meter with Low cost meter with built-in non-contact AC voltage sensor with flash warning ( > 110V AC)


MS8215 Professional quality digital multimeter with Volt/DC &AC, Current/DC &AC and capacitance and more...

price:$39.95--- On sale New !

MS8221C Small size auto ranging meter with Cap. Temp. measurement

$39.95, New !

M890G  Capacitance/ Frequency/ Temperature and More

Retailed Price: $59.00
$34.99 --  On Sale

MS8268  Heavy Duty Multimeter with Capacitance and Frequency, strong case.


MS8200G  DMM with Mechanical Prevent Mistaken Operation, Temperature, Frequency, Capacitor
Retailed Price: $129.00
$39.95 --  On Sale
MS8200D  DMM with Mechanical Protection on all ranges.
Retailed Price: $89.00
$39.95 --  On Sale

MS8201G Capacitance and Frequency measurement at  low cost


MY68  Mastech Multimeter with 3 3/4 digits at special price


MY69  A new meter with full features at incredible low price. Auto/Cap/Frq./Relative/3 3/4 digits.
Retailed Price: $99.99
$49.95 --  On Sale
M9704  Digital Multimeter With an Analog Meter built in. Special offer, 2 - in 1 
Retailed Price: $
$39.99 --  On Sale, super low

MS8264 Full Size , Full feature Digital Multimeter with New Strong design , rubber holster and test leads. Frequency and Temperature. ( Thermo Coupler included)

$39.95      New !

UT39C 3 1/2 digits with Cap and Freq. & Temp. measurement, good accuracy and strong built.


UT60B 3 1/2 digits with Cap and Freq. & Temp. measurement, good accuracy and strong built.


MS8201H Capacitance and Inductance with Frequency checking and TTL Logic test.



MS8269 Professional Multimeter with LCR Measurement, and Temperature measurement + More ....


HP9810 An automotive tester with full multimeter features.



DT2844R This special meter gives you a True RMS on both AC+DC and full multimeter features.

$49.95 New & Special

VC930F+ 4 1/2 digits high accuracy multimeter with capacitance and frequency measurement


High End Meters( Over $50.00--  )
VA503  A special Digital Meter designed for SMT components, very smart design that you will love to use it.



MS8910  Tweezers Multimeter

The Tweezers    are pretty cool tools for anyone doing SMD components.


MS8222G A multimeter with Frequency and Capacitance measurement, high accuracy and stable reading.


VA16 A new multimeter with RJ45 cable tester and telephone line tester.

$50.00, New and great design, iF product design award,2011

UT58B AC/DC multimeter with 20A AC/DC current measurement, New !

$59.95 New  & High quality

UT58D AC/DC multimeter with 20A AC/DC current measurement, New !

$59.95 New  & High quality

MS8217 Professional quality digital multimeter with Volt/DC &AC, Current/DC $AC, frequency and capacitance, temperature.. New !

price:$57.95--- On sale

MS8222H  New L/C Meter with Temperature measurement, full feature.


MS8205F Auto Ranging with Frequency and Capacitance measurement. Mechanical protection design for schools. (Clamp Optional)

Retailed Price: $129.00
$59.95 --  On Sale

MS8205C Auto Ranging with Frequency and Temperature measurement. Mechanical protection design for schools. (Clamp Optional)

Retailed Price: $159.99
$65.95 --  On Sale

VC9808  LCR DMM for Accurate Measurement
Retailed Price: $

$69.99 --  On Sale

VC6243+ A new 20-range LCR meter measures inductance up to 20H & Capacitance up to 1mF


VC9805A  LRC Full features DMM with Frequency, Capacitance, Inductance, Temperature...
Retailed Price: $149.00
$89.99 --  On Sale

MS8209 Super 5 in 1 Meter, New and amazing meter built in with: Sound Level meter, Thermometer, Lux Meter, Humidity Meter, and regular full feature Digital Multimeter



Promotional Price

MS8229 Special 5 in 1 Meter with self protection features, New and innovation. Thermo , Lux, Humidity, Sound Level and Multimeters.

4000 Counts meter for all purpose

$99.95, New and High Quality

VA19 Special 5 in 1 meter with patented design. Lux meter, Sound Level meter, thermometer, humidity meter, and multimeter.

$99.95 New !

UT60H True RMS meter with Bar Graph and Non-contact voltage detection.

4 3/4 digits high resolution multimeter


M9803 Bench Top Digital Multimeter with High accuracy and large display, take a look!

$149.95  --- On sale

MS8203  Computerized True RMS large display 8000 counts, auto-calibration, built-in calendar with all features...
Retailed Price: $289.00
$169.99 --  On Sale
MS8207   Note Book type Auto ranging multimeter with recording features, back light, auto power-off... New design.
Retailed Price: $189.00
$129.99 --  On Sale
To see computerized Digital meters, please go to Computer Meter, for other special meters, please go to Special Instrument.


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