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M9803   True RMS High Accuracy Bench Digital Multmeter with all features, a valuable meter at low price! M9803R   True  RMS High Accuracy Bench Digital Multimeter with PC based data Logger.  RS232 cable & Software included
4 1/2 Digits
Retailed Price: $359.00
$199.95 --  On Sale
 4 1/2 Digits
Retailed Price: $399.00
$219.95 --  On Sale
It comes with straps and cable, test leads, working on both AC & DC. Click on the photo to see detail specifications.

VC2002 Function Generator
8 digits display with annuciators, show frequency and voltage simultaneously



VC2000  Frequency counter up to 2.4G Hz
8 Digits green LED display, two channels, range and gate time adjustable, 10Hz up to 2.4GHz, crystal measurement 3.5MHz up to 16MHz, high sensitivity with very stable display.
$189.99 -- On Sale ( Listed price $299.99)

MS6100 Multi-function Digital Counter, Frequency Measurement and Period Measurement. Channel A:10/100Mhz; Channel B:100Mhz to 1.3 GHz, high accuracy 8 LED display and Total Measurement.

$149.95- On sale (List price $199.95)

YB33150  Function/Arbitrary waveform generator

Our most intelligent instrument that combined state of art technology of computer, communication and test equipment. Any wave forms can be designed from a PC or Mac and transmitted to this generator, the signal will be produced as you designed.
Retailed Price: $1,
$1,359.99 --  On Sale

VC1002 Function Generator up to 2MHz

6 Digits green LED with dual display: frequency and voltage at the same time.

Built-in frequency counter

Duty cycle and voltage can be adjusted  continuously.


M3500A USB Interface 6 1/2 Digits Professional Quality Multimeter with High accuracy


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