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Step Up and Step Down Transformers

To learn how a step up or step down transformer works, please visit our Tech Center, or click here.


THG-100, 100W

THG-200, 200W

THG-300, 300W

THG-500, 500W

THG-750, 750W

THG-1000, 1000W

THG-1500  1,500W

THG-2000, 2,000W

THG-3000, 3,000W

THG-5000, 5,000W




110V to 220V or 220V to 110V, 300W



110V to 220V or 220V to 110V, 750W


110V to 220V or 220V to 110V, 1,000 W


110V to 220V or 220V to 110V, 1,500W


110V to 220V or 220V to 110V, 2,000 W


110V to 220V or 220V to 110V, 3,000W



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